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Volunteer contributions remain steady at almost 19,000 hours per annum, which is a fantastic committment within the broad range of activity areas; from pest monitoring to visitor centre hosting.

Working with our volunteers is a very rewarding and fun experience. The amount of time you have to give is completely up to you however, you will need to check the days and frequency of each task. We welcome volunteers who are able to give their time on any of the following bases:

  • for a regular number of hours on a particular day each week, fortnight, or month;
  • for an agreed number of hours on any day each week, fortnight or month;
  • for one off tasks periodically.

We have many different areas volunteers work within, giving a broad range of appeal to different interests and skillsets. The following is a list of some of the areas and tasks that volunteers support us:

  • Cambridge Market stall holders
  • Events
  • Maintenance and labourers (Control of weeds, culvet and fence and buliding projects)
  • Pest eradication
  • Planting and weeding
  • Visitor Hosts and Guides
  • Specialist Admin skills 
  • Specialist specie skills 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please complete and submit the form below (which shows the tasks / areas in more detail) - N.B.  Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory:

First Name*
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In Which area(s) would you most like to help? Choose 1-2 only.

  Cambridge market stall holders - monthly (2nd Sunday of every month)

- Promoting the project / selling merchandise

  Events - weekends (but not always)

- Preparation
- Set up, transport equipment, man stall sites or car parks, pack down

  General light duties - weekdays (usually Tuesdays)

- Filling in the gaps – helping staff as requested

  Maintenance and labourers - some week days

- Control of weeds (spraying)
- Culverts/fence – helping staff as requested
- Large building projects – helping staff as requested
- Light building projects (benches, feeders etc.) – helping staff as requested

Pest eradication1-2 times a month or 1-2 times every 3 months

For monitoring work you must have your own team of 2 or more.

(select 1 ONLY)
  Planting and weeding - every Friday fortnight

- Planting and weeding around the Southern Enclosure or Wetland areas

Specials - Please note: These events are rare.  Specialist skills are often required but trained volunteers may be called on to help out. We keep a register of names for future reference.


  Visitor experience - tour guides - weekdays or weekends

Must be able to commit to regular days / times

- Guiding visitors through various locations (must be reasonably fit)

  Visitor experience - visitor centre hosts - weekends and some week-days

Must be able to commit to regular days / times

- Hosting visitors, selling food / merchandise, keeping the centre clean / tidy

We always try our best , however, we can only place you where vacancies exist.

Thank you for your interest in the Maungatautari project!