Education Experiences Available

Come and join us on a night walk.

Bring your ākonga along to see the maunga in a totally different light.

  • 30

What do glowworms, wētā and batman have in common? Yes, you’re more likely to see them when it’s dark! We are now offering educational night walks.

FROM $30 per student
Conservation Education Programme for International Students

Bringing the sanctuary to the world in our virtual classroom!

  • 30

Sanctuary Mountain® Maungatautari would love to bring conservation to your classroom through a virtual online learning session. It's the next best thing to a visit!

FROM $100 per session
Conservation Education Programme (NZ Schools and NZ Tertiary)

Come to the sanctuary and learn!

  • 60

We plan our conservation education programme in collaboration with teachers to meet local curriculum needs.

FROM $11 per student