Kids Activities

Te Tūī a Tāne Treasure Hunt

This activity sheet takes you on a multi-choice adventure from the Manu Tīoriori visitor centre to the Tower within Te Tūī a Tāne (the southern enclosure) – our showcase site! The answer to each multi choice question can be found along the Rātā Track on the interpretation boards with the matching title. There are numbers on the map to help you find each sign along the way.


Rātā Ramble

This activity booklet encourages you to continue to explore the full Rātā (loop) track. Beginning at the magnificent Northern rātā opposite the tower, continue on your journey around the rātā track and try the numbered activities represented on the map as you go.


Rimu Riddle

This activity trail takes you along the full Rimu track, beginning at the junction between the Rātā track and the Rimu track, near the Events Centre. Follow the footsteps on the trail to solve the riddle for Remi the ranger!


Nīkau Nature

You guessed it, this activity booklet follows the Nīkau Track. If you don't have time for the Rimu or Rātā Tracks then this is a great option. Learn about hihi, ferns and of course nīkau and then get creative with some sketching and poetry.


Bush Bingo

Play ‘Bush Bingo’ – a fun and creative way to engage with the younger members of your family and connect with the wonders of the ngahere as you explore the tracks of Te Tūī a Tāne (southern enclosure) together.

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