Tautari Wetland

Come to where takahē and tuatara play! The Tautari wetland shows a different side to the sanctuary and provides a stunning environment for two of Aotearoa's/New Zealand's endangered species.

Nestled in the valley below Manu Tīoriori visitor centre is the Tautari wetland.  Protected by both a QEII covenant and our pest-proof fence, this picturesque wetland habitat is a safe haven for a growing population of tuatara and a family of takahē. 

One of our knowledgeable guides will take you to search for the well-camouflaged tuatara as they bask near the entrances to their burrows. Tuatara are the sole surviving members of an ancient group of reptiles found only in New Zealand. Encountering a tuatara for the first time can transport you to a pre-historic world!

Observe the endearing takahē, a New Zealand conservation icon. Thought to be lost forever, takahē made history when they were rediscovered in the remote mountains of Fiordland in 1948. This large, flightless bird helped shape the future of conservation techniques in Aotearoa. 

We offer guided tours only, so ensure you book in early as they are incredibly popular!


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