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Important Information

The northern enclosure located at Hicks Road is able to be accessed by public. Parking for this area is located directly in front of Maungatautari marae at the base of the mountain. Please follow signs and do not park on private property near the entrance.

The entrance is surrounded by private farmland, so please use the available track and keep to the path. The path to the northern enclosure is roughly 1.5km on mountain terrain and also includes some steep areas. Please be careful when venturing to this area.

Dog's are not permitted in the sanctuary at any time to protect the native species living within the sanctuary.

There are outdoor (long-drop) bathrooms available within the northern enclosure, which are not actively monitored each day. Please take this into consideration when you are planning your day trip to the maunga.

The loop track within the northern enclosure is roughly 1.5km and takes an estimated 35 minutes to complete the track. Perfect for a day trip in Waipā.

The Wairere Traverse (Over The Mountain) Track is open from the northern side and takes approximately 5 hours to complete, north-to-south.

This area is a public reserve and is completely open to the public to enjoy year round.


Before leaving home please note:

As we are a mountain environment please ensure you have adequate warm clothing and comfortable walking shoes. 

Please note all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari.

As we are a wildlife sanctuary there is no guarantee on what flora and fauna you will see on your visit, any photos shown are indicative only.

Dogs are not permitted anywhere on Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari unless they are certified predator/species tracking dogs or disability assist dogs which are muzzled.

Bikes are not permitted on the mountain tracks.

You will be entering a biosecurity controlled area:

  • Check that you are not taking any risk material into the area e.g. live mice or other animals, fruit or seeds
  • Double gates are there for security reasons; do not risk any inadvertent entries or escapes through inappropriate use
  • All wildlife are protected and must not be disturbed
  • Anything you take into the area must be taken out again (this includes any rubbish you create during your visit)
  • Keep to the paths and follow signs as directed

Pest control operations may be in progress at any time:

  • Keep well away from any baits
  • Do not interfere with coloured ribbon markers
  • Do not touch or interfere with traps or tracking tunnels
  • Supervise children at all times

All species are living in a wild and natural environment:

  • They are free to come and go as they wish
  • We cannot guarantee what you may or may not see
  • Please respect their home and move quietly for optimal chances of seeing them
  • Peanut butter is used as a predator bait please beware if you or any children under your supervision have peanut allergies.