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Tracking Card Workshop with Warren Agnew

Tracking Card Workshop with Warren Agnew

16 October 2018

 We are holding a tracking card reading workshop for all volunteers and staff involved with pest monitoring, and other interested volunteers. The purpose of this workshop is twofold;

·       to refresh and/or upskill current staff and volunteers whom help out with monitoring rounds and card readings

·       to re-establish/and or form a new volunteer card reading team to assist in releasing staff from this task to engage in other work on the maunga.

Ideally we would like to upskill all current staff and monitoring teams so they are confident tracking card readers when in the field. This will enable cards to be read as they are collected, resulting in faster informational flow to the pest team of possible incursions, which should enable quicker response times to these events.

At the completion of the workshop we will have a register for volunteers to express their interest in forming a new tracking card reading and recording team.

If you would like to be involved in this you can…

Book online or RSVP to the visitor services team on 07 870 5180 or email

If you have any further questions regarding the upcoming workshop or volunteer card reading team. Please contact…

James our Pest Team Leader on 027 522 9793 or email him at