Nature of Work

Nature of Work is a two-day programme designed to enhance the wellbeing of employees.

Connecting with the natural world improves mood, concentration, and sleep, restores mental activity, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system. Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari’s own research measuring our programme’s success showed participants’ moods and blood pressure positively impacted on completion. We can help you take care of your people.


Day 1 – Forest Immersion

The first day of the programme in the stunning Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari ngahere is a series of guided invitations. These offer new perspectives and ways in which to deepen people’s connection with nature and benefit their wellbeing. Not simply a walk in the woods, it is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest to support healing and wellness,to notice, reflect and interact with the environment. And what's more, these valuable skills are not just for the outdoors. They can assist in all areas of life. Forest Immersion can be booked alone as a one day workshop.


Day 2 – Nature & Nosh

The second day brings in our Nature & Nosh partners and offers a range of unique forest experiences that could include a rongoā workshop, planning meeting, team lunch or leadership session in our wonderful bush boardroom setting. The second day can be tailored to suit your organisation and run as either a half a day or full day. Experiences to prime participant’s brains, increase clarity, and promote creativity.

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The two days can be subscribed to separately to suit your business’s needs. The activities are slow paced with lots of stops and a maximum continuous time walking of just over an hour, so the moderate track gradients and distance should not pose a problem to anyone of reasonable walking ability. The days are spent in Te Tūī a Tāne southern enclosure based in the Events Centre which provides overhead protection from the weather.


What’s in it for your business?

  • Opportunities to reframe and offer perspective
  • Encouraging creativity through exploration
  • Saturated in forest vibes (technically phytoncides) that support immunity
  • Authentic team integration and connectedness
  • Safety in which to explore and be courageous
  • Tools and strategies (both mentally and physically) to manage challenge
  • Great food, great hosts, amazing setting.

Nature of Work Package

The package can include wellbeing report for the group, where health indicators of participants – blood pressure, heart rate, mood – are recorded before and after the programme to show change. All data collected remains anonymous, is aggregated and treated as confidential.

Accommodation for overnight retreats can be arranged and lunch and snacks are catered for.

Take our 1 day Forest Immersion workshop or for a 10% discount choose our Nature of Work package. These programmes cater for a minimum of 5 people and maximum of 12. Contact us to book your team.

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