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Biosecurity Stations

Biosecurity Stations

30 January 2024

At Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari, biosecurity is an important job that is 24/7. Biosecurity measures help us to protect the pest-proof fenced sanctuary environment by keeping it free of unwanted organsisms. Unwanted organisms are those that cause damange to the ecosystem. Pest animals and pest plants can stowaway in or on our gear, or footwear.

Did you know? Rats can squeeze through a 12 mm gap and mice can squeeze through a 7 mm gap! That's why our fence mesh has an even smaller gap. Mice can't squeeze through! Insects could also hide in your bag, and weeds, seeds and soil could cling to your clothing and shoes.

If you're visiting the sanctuary, you can help us to keep unwanted organisms from hitchhiking a ride into the sanctuary by making sure you carry out biosecurity checks before going through any of the double gate systems.



Use our biosecurity stations to:

  • Check – your gear for pests such as rodents and insects
  • Clean – footwear and gear, removing soil and seeds
  • Close – ensure your gear is zipped up (no open bags)

*Pets, including dogs are not permitted in the sanctuary.

If you find a pest within the sanctuary, please report the sighting to the Visitor Centre.

Thank you for doing your part to take care of the sanctuary.