Volunteer help required for different areas

We have lots of different tasks available – mostly regular but now and again, the occasional one-off.  If you haven’t already checked out our web page or our volunteer registration form, please do so
There is a wealth of information toward finding something for you to enjoy.   

If you are over age 16 and you’d like to talk about any of these tasks, please email Ally: or ring 027 412 3008.


1. Managing our ‘Hungry Worm Bins’

If you enjoy working with your family or friends, please put your hands up for this very interesting task.  
When - Currently every few days
Time - You choose your time and your day(s)
Where - Tari Road, Pukeatua


To check that:
•    the food scraps are healthy;
•    the other ingredients are added when required; 
•    the mixture is wholesome and nutritious; and
•    the bins are clean.

You will be responsible for:
•    keeping the worms alive; and 
•    for managing their fertiliser and vermicast
(emptying the trays into suitable bottles/containers).


Two teams of volunteers’.  
•    Ideally, this could be two family teams or two different couples … sharing a fortnightly roster.


The ‘Hungry Worm Bin’ is a living ecosystem that allows practical disposal of our food waste whilst also producing organic liquid fertiliser and vermicast for use around the grounds, in the gardens or in the nursery. These simple effective changes will ensure that we walk the talk andare consciously reducing our ‘carbon print’!


2. Aviary Duty

If you’d like to help make up fresh sugar water for our hihi feeders and be part of the team who share a monthly roster, then this is for you.  Other duties include keeping the aviary area clean and tidy, scrubbing down the feeders in the southern enclosure and sometimes nursing transient bird patients.

3. Visitor Hosts

This team works closely with the visitor services team at the Manu TÄ«oriori Visitor Visitor Centre to support them in delivering the best possible experiences for our varied range of visitors to the maunga, and that they leave having been entertained and well informed. If you enjoy interacting with the general public and are proud to boast our many project successes, then this is something that you will enjoy.

When - At least one day a month (more often if desired - you choose your day(s) by roster selection).
Time - During opening hours on Saturdays, Sundays and occasional other days.
Where - Tari Road, Pukeatua


The primary role of volunteer hosts is to assist the visitor services team to
•    meet and greet visitors, find out where they are from and how they heard about us
•    provide appropriate information about the project and what there is to do and see at Sanctuary Mountain® Maungatautari.
•    making tea/coffee purchased by visitors.

You may also be called upon to assist with keeping the tidy and functional during the day and this could include:
•    Checking toilets for cleanliness and supplies
•    Watering the plants for sale
•    Restocking merchandise from the storeroom
•    Collecting one day passes from collection box at the gate
•    Assisting with tidying/cleaning tasks throughout the day 


This role is suitable for individuals, as they will be fully supported by the Visitor Services team.


The Sanctuary Mountain® Visitor Centre, is the initial point of contact that most visitors to our project pass through. By volunteering your time here, you support MEIT to encourage and facilitate visitation by local, regional and international residents. By sharing our stories and our place within the wider conservation context with visitors (that hopefully will be enjoyed and remembered long after visitors have departed) we help to ensure their continued engagement in, and support for our project. Come along and support us in sharing the mauri and the mana of Sanctuary Mountain® Maungatautari.

4. Track Cutters

If you are confident, bush savvy and willing to work in pairs, you will work all over the mountain trimming back overgrowth along marked monitoring tracks or cutting old unused or new tracks.  This might be up and down steep gullies and along high ridges so you will need to be very fit. You will undertake a physical work-out and a great sense of achievement knowing that you have contributed enormously to the all-important pest monitoring programme on Maungatautari.  Come along and be part of a world-class ecological project.

A love of the outdoors, native flora and fauna. A fit healthy, bush savvy person with a great love of the mountain environment.  Someone who enjoys a day of physical work out in the bush.  This work is very challenging but also extremely rewarding.

Time commitment:

Minimum 8 hours per day working with field-staff or other keen volunteers