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Takahee chicks

Takahee chicks

3 February 2021

We are super pleased to announce the hatching of two takahē chicks in December this season – one chick each to new couples Hemi and Nancy (Wetland) and Pirie and Puiaki (Cooper’s). The Cooper’s chick hatched in the first few days of December, with the wetland chick nearly two weeks later. The chicks are both doing well with dedicated parents who ensured the chicks hid safely out of sight in the first few weeks of life. We look forward to seeing more of our wetland chick in the next couple of weeks as he/she passes the critical age and gains confidence in the open.

We are keen to hear some ideas for names for these two very special little ones, as they are “gold star” genetically, meaning they could be great contributors to the future of the species. If you have an idea for a takahē name please send to, with subject line "Takahē chick naming competition". The selected names will be chosen by the end of February and if your name is chosen, you will receive a family pass for a takahē tour in March 2021.