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Let's celebrate wellbeing

Let's celebrate wellbeing

11 April 2022

The Wellbeing Celebration was an intimate but wonderful event with a turnout of almost 100 people - not too bad at the peak of a pandemic. The sun shone and the manu made delightful appearances. Feedback on the sessions has been great and we had a good mix on offer with the moonlight mediation event selling out. This year provided useful learning for the next event so we can improve on the promotion for next year. Unfortunately, the food truck had to cancel at the last moment too due to illness. When asked what participants and practitioners about their favourite moment from the celebration (a few quotes):

"I did the yin yoga class and at the end a cheeky fantail flew in!"

"Being in the stillness of the night on the mountain."

"So beautiful being able to offer light and facilitate inside the Ngahere! So soothing and grounding."

"The meditation in the morning forest was great, the flute music during yoga session was going straight into my heart and the hours we listened to the Maori music instruments and his great stories was really wonderful and we took the wellbeing feeling home and keep it in our mind and heart."

And how the event influenced their perception of Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari?

"I know it is a great place, but normally a quiet place. I never heard there so many people laughing before and I really enjoyed that."

"Reinforced the Sanctuary of the mountain."

Once again, we’d like to thank our wonderful and generous practitioners:

Nicola Turner, Mainstream Green; Werner Eisenhauer, Sahaja Yoga; Fiona Clarkson, Danielle Renee & Katie Hoffman, Sun Salute; Colleen Ryan, Priority Wellness; Marisa Snykers, The Soul Space; Joyce Fleming, Naturally Connecting; Kylie Rae, Nature & Nosh; Elizabeth Day & Willa Thaniya Reid, Kihikihi Meditation & Yoga.