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Honouring Ally

Honouring Ally

23 December 2021

Earlier this month, the team hosted a morning tea to celebrate the White Heron award which was given virtually at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Normally this award is given in-person during the AGM but due to covid, we decided to hold the event virtually this year.

Once the Waikato moved to the traffic light system, we were able to get a small bunch of volunteers, supporters and whanau to the sanctuary and share all of our lovely memories. It is truly an honor to have people like Ally Tairi be part of MEIT's journey and lead the way in community engagement during her time with the sanctuary.

We are surrounded by such talented and passionate people and it is important to share the hard work with the communities they've served. The White Heron award showcases those in our organisation who go above and beyond the call of duty. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Ally, you would agree that the award is well deserved.

'It has been a privilege to work amongst such passionate people. The mahi that we do is important. It may not pay a lot into your bank account. But the mana and the feeling you get by being part of something like this, is all the pay you need...

...I've been extremely blessed to be part of MEIT and Sanctuary Mountain and I know this place will always be in good hands.'

- Ally Tairi
White Heron Award recipient 2021.