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For younger students…



Explanation: New Zealand Dotterel / Tūturiwhatu nest on beaches. This project reminds us that we need to be careful when visiting these beautiful places so that we don't disturb the birds or their nests.

Explanation: This project features some of our wonderful manu. Watch and listen to the kererū, pīwakawaka (fantail) and takahē.


For older students...


Scratch Example 1 


Explanation: This project shows how trees and other species associated with wetland areas can thrive if they are given a chance. Aotearoa used to be 10% wetlands. 90% of these have been destroyed. Click on the green flag to watch the ecosystem thrive.


'Change Size' Scratch Tutorial 




Scratch Example 2


Explanation: Press the green flag to watch the kākā soar between the rātā tress. Kākā are often seen in the huge rātā visible from the tower in Te Tūī a Tāne. These trees form the emergent layer: trees that stick out above the canopy layer.


‘Glide Around’ Scratch Tutorial 




MakeCode Example 1 


Explanation:  The presence of kōtukutuku is a sign of a healthy forest. Tūī, korimako/bellbird (represented in this project) and tauhou/silvereye enjoy the nectar from the beautiful purple flowers from August to December.


Tutorial (go to tutorials - happy flower) 


MakeCode Example 2 


Explanation:  The dog is a kiwi dog and they are locating kiwi (represented by pigeons here) for a safe translocation (being moved to another area). The monsters represent stoats so avoid those (even though in reality we would be putting traps out to try and get rid of them). Use your arrow keys to collect the kiwi and avoid the stoats.