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COVID-19 Update: Moving into Alert Level 2

COVID-19 Update: Moving into Alert Level 2

4 May 2020

Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari will re-open the Manu Tioriori Visitor Centre when New Zealand moves to Alert Level 2. From this date, the Southern Enclosure Explorer Passes can be purchased online or directly at the Visitor Centre, located at 99 Tari Road, Pukeatua.

Our priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our visitors, volunteers and staff. As such we ask that everybody strictly adheres to all hygiene guidelines. As a public venue we must comply with conditions on gatherings and undertake public health measures. This means SMM will meet appropriate public health requirements by:

  • Maintaining a register of all people, both workers and visitors, entering or leaving the workplace and all people that workers have contact with while conducting their work (to ensure contact tracing may be conducted if necessary). This will be done by daily recording of:
    • staff and contractors, in appropriate sections of updated google workplan of who is working where, and with whom, and;
    • visitors by reception into the customer contact tracing sheet.
  • Minimising the risk of transmission of COVID-19 through a good standard of general hygiene that includes:
    • Providing adequate handwashing facilities and alcohol-based hand rub for staff and visitors to use. Alcohol-based hand rub stations will be available, especially in areas where food is on display and frequent touching of equipment occurs (Visitor Centre Café, Point of Sale Terminal and Southern Enclosure Access Gates)
    • Promoting through staff training and Visitor Centre signage
      • thorough 20 second hand washing procedures with soap and water and subsequent drying with paper towels especially when transitioning in and out of shared areas (e.g. toilets, kitchens) and before eating or touching your face
      • use of alcohol-based hand rub and appropriate 20 second handwash procedures
      • good sneeze and cough etiquette (into elbow, or use of clean tissues with disposal in covered container)
    • Routine daily cleaning of
      • frequently touched hard surfaces (door handles, tabletops, light switches, alarm keypads, POS terminals, workstations - e.g. mouse, keyboard, phone at beginning and end of shifts if shared)
      • sinks, basins and toilets
    • When cleaning, staff will wear impermeable disposable gloves and will use 20 second handwash procedures, or alcohol-based hand rub, before putting on and after removing gloves.
    • When cleaning, staff will avoid touching their face, especially their mouth, nose, and eyes.
    • We ask customers to only touch what they intend to purchase.

  • Complying with restrictions on gatherings and physical distancing by
    • implementing at least 2m minimum distance between tables in the Visitor Centre,
    • only promoting or offering any SMM services/products that support physical distancing of two metres between our customers and our staff (e.g. restricting numbers on guided tours, staggering entry into the Southern Enclosure and Visitor Centre for groups), and
    • providing clear guidelines/directive signage to visitors, volunteers and staff both online and onsite that promote adherence around physical distancing, non contact forms of greeting and support
      • stringent adherence to self-isolation policies, this means stay home or don’t visit if you:
      • are sick, also get tested for COVID-19 if you have flu like symptoms – call your GP or Healthline.
      • have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19.
      • test positive for COVID-19.

We are awaiting any changes to Alert Level 2 restrictions and will update any further requirements as soon as we are aware. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for these updates.