Covid-19 Framework

Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari under the Covid-19 framework

Maungatautari is a taonga for all and ensuring the longevity of the sanctuary is of vital importance. As is the well-being of our staff, volunteers, local community, and visitors who service and support this ambitious project.

From the 3rd of December 2021 all visitors to Manu Tīioriori Visitor Centre will be required to present COVID-19 Vaccination Passes prior to entry to our showcase sites Te Tūī a Taane Ancient Forest and Tautari Wetlands. Visitors will be welcomed by a member of the Visitor Experience team who will check passes and help organise an itinerary for the day including maps and/or guided walks.

Requiring approved vaccine passes will keep our showcase areas safe and accessible for our most vulnerable including the young and old. Children under 12-years are currently exempt from being vaccinated and will not be required to present a pass.

COVID-19 Vaccination Passes will only be required to enter our showcase sites and Manu Tīioriori Visitor Centre. However, Wairere Traverse Over The Mountain is a public reserve and open to all. This area makes up close to 90% of Maungatautari and is completely free to enter. Wairere Traverse track information can be found here…

Our purpose at Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari is to share the mana and mauri of the maunga, and we’re working hard to ensure that whatever choice you’ve made for you and your whānau, the maunga remains a sanctuary for all.


Do you require double vaccination from Covid-19 to enter Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari’s visitor centre, Southern Enclosure or Tautari Wetland?

Yes. Entry to our visitor centre, Southern Enclosure and Tautari Wetland will be dependent on providing a My Vaccine Pass. Currently you require two vaccinations or an exemption to get this pass. For information on COVID-19 vaccination passes, please visit: My Vaccine Pass

What about children under 12 years old?

Children under the age of 12 years are not currently eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations. They are therefore exempt while this is the case and are not required to show proof of vaccination.

Can I still visit Maungatautari if I am unvaccinated?

You sure can! Vaccine passes are required for our visitor centre, Tautari Wetland and Te Tui a Taane (Southern Enclosure) only. Everyone has access to the Wairere Traverse (Over the Mountain Track) scenic reserve.

Will you allow exemptions?

We acknowledge that not everyone can be vaccinated, and our policy allows for exemptions as defined by the Ministry of Health. Those with medical exemptions can still use My Vaccine Pass, which will scan as approved.

How will you check my vaccination status?

We will use the NZ Pass verifier app using a tablet at our front desk to check vaccination passes.

Will I need to get my vaccination pass checked every time?

You will be required to show your vaccination pass every time you visit the visitor centre, Southern Enclosure or Tautari Wetland. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we roll out this new process.

Do I have to provide ID?

The legislation and guidance does indicate your ID may be requested to verify your vaccine pass. So, you may be asked to provide ID when entering the visitor centre.

Will you be storing any private information?

No, we will not be storing any information about your vaccine pass, we will only be requiring you to provide your vaccine pass on entry.

What if my phone has died, or I’ve forgotten my printed pass?

We are working through our procedures now for how this will work at our front door. You will still have access to the Wairere Traverse (Over the Mountain Track) public reserve.

What about a negative Covid-19 test – can visitors use that instead of the vaccine pass?

This isn’t something we will have available immediately, but it is something we may consider for the future.

I have feedback, who can I talk to?



For further information please visit the following resources: