Q. Can I still access the walking tracks on Maungatautari?

A. The Government has declared a National State of Emergency and whilst large sections of Maungatautari are public reserve and technically open to public, we strongly advise against this at this stage. 

All non-essential travel is not allowed under the governments Alert Level 4. On this basis, we urge you to use your common sense and adhere to this. Ensuring that New Zealand’s medical staff are not having to attend incidents that could be avoided by staying home is important. Please keep this in mind if you decide to enter Maungatautari. Our staff are not on-site to assist in any way. Click here to see a useful article about bush walking during Alert Level 4. 

If you decide to visit the walking tracks at Maungatautari it advisable to practice caution. Including:

  • Letting someone know where you are and what you are doing
  • Not pushing yourself past your physical limits
  • Checking bags for mice or other pests
  • Ensuring every pest-proof gate is closed properly when entering and exiting the enclosure

Q. Are Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari staff still working through this time?

A. Yes, many of us are working from home. Here are our contact details:

Q. Will the pest-proof fence still be maintained?

A. Yes, while our people are our number one priority our fence and the species that are protected by it are a close second. While New Zealand is at Alert Level 4, we consider the integrity of the fence to be an essential service. However, our staff will be following very strict guidelines on how they will work on the fence and keep themselves safe with physical distancing.

Q. Will the takahe and hihi still have their supplementary feeding schedules?

A. Yes, our Natural Heritage/Operations team will be managing this according to Department of Conservation guidelines. Keeping these species fed adequately is another top priority considered essential for their health.

Q. Is the visitor centre open?

A. No, we closed Manu Tioriori our visitor centre on Sunday, 23 March 2020 until further notice. No staff will be on-site to assist in anyway.

Q. Will our tour or education programme still go ahead?

A. No, all tours, including education have been cancelled and will need to be rescheduled when we are back up and running. We will be in contact again when we reopen.

Q. Are volunteers able to carry out their tasks such as pest monitoring, over the mountain, aviary duties, weeding and gardening, nursery etc?

A. No, we ask that all volunteers stay home and adhere to the government’s restrictions at Alert Level 4.

Q. I bought an Maunga Manu Annual Pass (MMAP) in the past year; can I still use it?

A. The southern enclosure is open currently, please see question one with our advice on access. All other benefits with discounts on retail and tours will not be available at this time.

Q. Can I get a refund on the Maunga Manu Annual Pass I purchased in the past year?

A. We can either - Extend your membership by for as long as Alert Level 4 is in place OR offer a refund for the time we are in Alert Level 4. Please contact Lian on to arrange your preferred option.

Q. I am a Kaitiaki Guardian and donate a sum every month? What will happen with my donation?

A. We know that many New Zealanders are worried about their incomes currently. Please let us know if you would like to hold your donation for the time being, by contacting Lian on

Q. I bought a guided tour or sanctuary explorer pass online for use while New Zealand is on Alert Level 4, can I get a refund?

A. Yes, you can. Please email if you would like a refund. Please provide your name and the booking number in the email.